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The GetGo Investing Huddle!

Our Premium Investing Community.

Behind the scenes we are working hard to realize the launch of our investing community.

To give you an idea of what to expect from the Huddle:

It consists of a member forum on which beginning as well as advanced investors share their stories, methods & ideas, and help each other out by asking questions and posting past wins (and losses) to learn from!

It's a place where you can follow online step-by-step video courses about the different methods of investing in our Courses section.

We host monthly challenges that are made to push every member out of their comfort zone and really get things done. The winner gets a prize but everyone usually reaches new heights.

Here's the thing: we realise that the value of a community really lies within its members. That's why we are now building a community behind the scenes. We're making sure it's full of "rich" content and vibrant before going live. This, to make sure that when we do, we can assure you that being a member of the GetGo Investing Huddle means to have all the resources you could possibly dream of at your disposal.

We are in the beta-testing phase at the moment.

If you'd like to be a beta-tester or want to be informed whenever the Huddle goes live, (don't worry, we'll hook you up with a sweet deal when the time is right)

then go ahead and click the button and we'll put you on a tester/early bird list and keep you posted about our progress.

Ready to be a part of our Huddle?